Portland Communities are small groups for men, women, marriage & family, singles, young adults, youth, bible study, live free, and various activities.

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Develop Community

Find support and laughter where you can feel a sense of belonging.

Grow in Your Faith

Grow in your relationship with God alongside people who resonate with same life experiences as you do.

Meet New Friends

Meaningful relationships are a result of small groups genuinely caring about one another through all seasons of life.

A small group is an intentional gathering of people who meet regularly. Since God designed us for relationships, we believe it is through the connections made in Portland Communities that God will help us grow. People form groups around what matters in their lives. This can look like connecting with people who share similar interests or are at the same stage of life, as well as finding people who have experience in an area in which you want to grow. Small Groups are also where we pray for each other and support each other. Small groups meet consistently in locations all around the Portland Metro including the Portland Christian Center campus. With many groups to choose from, we believe there is a group out there for you.


What is a small group?

Small groups are an exciting way for you to meet and connect with others at Portland Christian Center. By meeting in homes, coffee shops, the Portland Christian Center campus or wherever your group does life together, small groups provide a relaxing environment for people to engage in meaningful relationships and grow closer to Jesus together in. Small groups are focused on relationships, growing together in your walk with God and praying for one another.

What is a typical meeting like?

Most groups include some kind of food or snack, some hang time, learning spiritual truths together and some time of prayer for each other. Some groups are more activity heavy than others but all groups have fun doing life together.

What type of study does the small group follow?

Small groups either center their discussion time around the Sunday sermons from Portland Christian Center or using approved curriculum on various scriptural topics. The point here is to discuss the truth of God’s word and apply it to our lives each week.

What about childcare?

Not every group provides child care but of those that do, some groups incorporate childcare into the meeting location and others do so at a separate location. Talk to your group leader to find out more.

How do I join a group?

Joining a small group is simple and done online through the Portland Christian Center group finder.

  1. Search:  Search for small groups by clicking on the button below. Then click “Find a Group” and you will be redirected to a page that lists all groups.
  2. Sort and Find: Sort through your options and find a group you want to visit.
  3. Connect: Connect with the group by contacting the leader and visiting their group.