Women's Bible Study - Tuesday Zoom Call
Every week on Tuesday until Jun 8, 2021 from 11:00a to 12:15p
Organizer: Terri Eastburn

Galatians: Accepted and Free by Jada Edwards a six session study

Have you ever experienced a moment when you felt unaccepted?

Perhaps it was the way you dressed, your accent, or the color of your skin. When we sense that we’re unaccepted, it has this way of unraveling us from the inside out.

In Galatians: Accepted and Free, Jada Edwards shows why it’s so important to know in the deepest recesses of your soul that you are wholly and fully accepted in Christ, by Christ and, through Christ. From your birth, God has called and chosen you—yes, you!

  • Because of God's authority, we don't need to seek the acceptance of man.
  • Because of God's assignment, we no longer define our lives by culture or heritage.
  • Because of God's approval, we aren't insecure or intimidated.
  • Because of God's adoption, we aren't slaves anymore.
  • Because of God's freedom, we don't need to self-sabotage to cope.
  • Because of God's restoration, we can bring healing and restoration to others.

Whenever you catch a whiff of rejection, you can find security in the liberating acceptance of Christ.

Study guide available at, and If you have questions or need more information, contact Terri Eastburn at

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