Just listen to a typical conversation these days about Jesus, and you’ll recognize there’s a lot of spin going on. It’s quite popular in our time to de-claw the “Lion of Judah” in order to tame Him to our tastes. But the real, unedited version of Jesus is altogether different. The real biblical Jesus isn’t always what we expect. Sometimes He leaves us scratching our head. Sometimes what He says is difficult to accept. Sometimes we walk away saying, “This is a hard teaching!” But every time, Jesus speaks truth!

In this study you’ll discover Jesus as you’ve never seen Him before—uncut and unedited—by looking in on some of the most unsettling things He ever said—what scholars refer as “The Hard Sayings of Jesus.” Understanding these hard sayings is essential to being an authentic follower, and will truly liberate you to fall more deeply in love with the One who is full of truth and grace!

January 8
Turning The Other Cheek:  As a christian, do I have the right to defend myself?
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January 15
Words That Kill
:  Am I committing “emotional murder” with my critical comments?
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January 22
Lustful Looks
:  Is it possible to look without lusting?

January 29
Plucking Out The Offensive Eye:  Isn’t Jesus antidote to temptation a little too extreme?

February 5
Divorce, Remarriage and Adultery:  If I’m remarried, am I living in adultery?

February 12
The Unforgivable Sin:  What if I have committed the unpardonable sin?



Issues And Answers

Pastors Ray and Matt invite all adults to a gathering focused on what the Bible says about our most challenging hot topics. What does the Bible say about sexual orientation and gender issues, can you be pro-choice and Christian, how can Christians engage receptively and lovingly in a polarized political climate? Wednesdays, in Lift, we will teach and discuss these and other issues of the day with the intent to lift our spirits in Christ, lift our intellects for God’s glory and lift our needs to the Lord in prayer.

September 11
How Christians can engage in an anti-christian culture?

September 18
What would Jesus say about immigration?

September 25
What does Scripture teach about drugs and alcohol?

October 2
How can the church heal the racial divide?

October 9
Life or Choice: Can people who follow Jesus be pro-choice?

October 16
Polarized Politics: How can Christians engage in the age of outrage?

October 23
Open Mic Night

October 30
Are Christians narrow-minded bigots?

November 6
Human Sexuality: What does the bible say about gender and sexuality?

November 13
Can Christianity solve the national epidemic of violence?

November 20
Open Mic Night