Teaching Series

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Sundays at 11:00 AM



Beginning March 31 | 9 & 11 AM | Gymnasium

So where do we connect now that we’re moving to two services?  We value people and we say around here, “People are the prize!” so we have carefully designed THE place for you! Come to the Family Center, to the right of the Gymnasium, and enjoy fresh coffee and space to connect with the wonderful people of Portland Christian Center. You can enjoy a warm inviting environment, connect with others, and stop by the HUB which will be close by. 

Join the Dream Team

Attend one service and serve in the other! Sign up with the Connections serving teams where there are opportunities for you to be a part of the dream team and partner with the vision of PCC to love God, present hope, and develop people. Sign up below and we will follow up with you soon!


THRIVE  Healthy Soil. Healthy Life. 

April 7-May 26 | 9 & 11 AM | Gymnasium and Online

God’s design for us is not to wither, but to thrive. In order to thrive, most people focus on the seed… but they forget about the soil. In other words, the seed, which is the good news of the Gospel will only thrive when the environment of the soil is HEALTHY.

This begs the question, what are the key ingredients for healthy soil?

For the next eight weeks, we’ll be discussing 8 ingredients that can help you, your family, and your church to THRIVE! Don’t miss out on this upcoming series to discover what these ingredients are and what you can do to cultivate them in the soil of your life.

Get ready to THRIVE like never before!