Portland Christian Center lives by a five-step strategy around which the life of the church family orbits:


As a church family, we become healthy through fellowship.


As a church family, we grow deeper through discipleship.


As a church family, we demonstrate love through ministry.


As a church family, we live our mission through evangelism.


As a church family, we reflect God’s glory through worship!

Know God & Make Him Known

God’s mission for the church is the same as His heart for you: to know God and make him known. Wherever you are on your journey of faith—from exploring faith to beginning with Christ to desiring deeper spirituality—Portland Christian Center is here to help you move closer to God through a saving, growing and transforming knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Committed to living out our unique church shape

Generationally Diverse

God’s family ought to include all ages, shapes and colors. PCC strives to equally seek, love, accept, value, reach and minister to people of every demographic.

Relationally Focused

Spiritual unity among believers is precious to God. PCC values and promotes healthy relationship in marriages, families, among believers and between churches.

Globally Missional

Missions is the mission of the church. PCC maintains a passionate heartbeat for reaching lost people around the world, especially the unreached.

Biblically Centered

The God-pleasing church is founded on the authority of Scripture. PCC is committed to a theology that is orthodox, evangelical, and Pentecostal, rooted not in past church traditions or in current methodologies, but on what scripture declares.

Transformationally Driven

To be like Jesus is the highest aim of authentic discipleship. PCC’s ministry emphasis is not just to inform, but to transform, encourage and equip people to become fully formed in Christ.

Musically Excellent

The worship arts are the church’s most visible and powerful “calling card” for reaching its community. PCC maintains an emphasis on the arts that is excellent, current, Spirit-formed and most of all, offered for the glory of God alone.

Fully Devoted

God will show himself strong on behalf of those who will step out in risky faith to radically love him and sacrificially serve his purposes in the world! PCC strives to radically love God and express risky faith.

Intentionally Reproductive

The local church is the hope of the world. PCC is committed to planting, strengthening and multiplying the church in Portland and around the world.

Future Focused

The Kingdom of God is a baton pass. PCC’s core is committed to modeling footsteps of faith for future generations, leaving a legacy of radical love and risky obedience to those who follow.

God Exalting

The proper motto and motive for church is Soli Deo Gloria, “glory to God alone.” PCC’s driving passion and ultimate benchmark of success is to make Jesus famous in our city and around our world.

Assembly of God
Statement of Fundamental Truths

As an Assembly of God church, Portland Christian Center affirms the Assemblies of God 16 Fundamental Truths. These tenets of faith direct the ministry of Portland Christian Center.